Update 19. Juli 2021

The Corona virus still grips our lives and we understand that this exceptional situation brings a lot of uncertainties, especially about your (planned) vacation. Below you will find an overview of frequently asked questions with corresponding answers, clearly divided into various categories for you. We hope that we can remove these uncertainties for you and welcome you soon in one of our holiday homes. Didn't your question remain unanswered? Feel free to contact us, our staff will be happy to help you. 

Your stay

Can my (planned) holiday at Z'ANDvillas go ahead?  

Yes, you can! You are most welcome at Z'ANDvillas. Our holiday homes are situated on spacious plots, without centre facilities. Here you can enjoy a well-deserved holiday in your own country with lots of privacy. 

Please note that the Dutch government requires pcr test results. 


What measures does Z'ANDvillas take to prevent the spread of the Corona virus?  

We take all the necessary precautions to meet the highest standards of safety and hygiene. Before your arrival, your holiday home has been cleaned with the utmost care and we take various additional measures, including disinfecting the hand contact points, the kitchen and the sanitary facilities in your villa with a certified disinfectant. In addition, your house will be ventilated for at least 5 hours prior to arrival. 


What are the current rules regarding check-in and check-out? 

On the day of arrival you can pick up the key to your holiday villa from 15.00 in our office, Duinvallei 21 in Kamperland. Only 1 person is allowed in the reception and our staff is behind plexiglass for everyone's safety. Our reception is open until 17.00h. Are you arriving later? Please let us know in time. 

On the day of departure you have to leave the villa before 10.00 hours. There will be no check-out check. You can deposit the keys in the return envelope in the letterbox of our office, after which we will refund any deposit paid to you by bank transfer within 14 days. A cash refund of the deposit is unfortunately not possible.  


Are the supermarkets, shops and restaurants in Kamperland e.o. open?  

The supermarkets and shops in Kamperland are open, of course subject to various (hygiene) measures. Guests of Z'ANDvillas can also make use of the special shopping service of AH Kamperland and the sandwich service, so you do not have to leave your holiday home. 

The catering facilities are closed untill June 6, 2021, but you can enjoy dinner at restaurant level in your villa! Make use of the various take-away and delivery options. The terraces are open until 20.00 hours.


Are the beaches and nature reserves freely accessible?  

Yes, during your stay you can enjoy the beauty, tranquility and space of our beaches and nature reserves. Of course, the known measures also apply here and you must keep a distance of 1.5 meters. Exceeding the rules and too much hustle and bustle in these areas can cause the Zeeland Safety Region to decide to close off (parts of) the area.  


Rebookings and cancellations

Can I cancel my stay free of charge?

Within 14 days after making the reservation, the reservation can be cancelled free of charge without giving any reason unless the reservation is made 28 days or less before the start of your stay. If you have paid with a Holiday Voucher, you will receive a new Holiday Voucher.


What are the cancellation provisions after 14 days of booking? 

If your stay up to 01 january 2021 cannot take place due to COVID-19 circumstances (such as (out) travel restrictions, illness of you or your travelling companions due to the corona virus), you can rebook free of charge to a period later in the year For cancellations due to other circumstances, our general cancellation conditions apply. 


Due to travel restrictions I have to cancel my stay, how can I change my booking? 

In that case, you can transfer your booking to a period later in the year, free of charge. You can make use of this scheme if there are (out) travel restrictions due to COVID-19 or if you or your travelling companions have been diagnosed with complaints and/or illnesses of the coronavirus. For this you can use our contact form. 


If I rebook my stay to a later period and this stay is more expensive, do I pay an additional fee?  

Yes, if the new travel sum is higher than the existing booking, the difference will be charged to you.  


I have used your cancellation fund when booking. Can I cancel free of charge? 

Please refer to our General Terms and Conditions.  


I have completed the rebooking form, but have not yet received a response. What should I do now? 

Our staff aims to contact you within 5 working days after receiving the rebooking form. Have you not received a response from us after 5 working days? If so, please contact our staff by telephone.  


The Holiday Voucher

What is a holiday voucher and how does it work? 

The Holiday Voucher is a digital credit balance of the already paid and received travel sum. You have received a unique code from us with which you can redeem this credit for your next stay with arrival until December 31st 2022. When booking online, you can redeem the voucher by entering the voucher code in step 1 of the booking process. 


What are the advantages of a holiday voucher? 

With the Holiday Voucher you keep the already paid travel sum as a credit for your next stay. The Holiday Voucher is valid until 31 December 2021, giving you enough time to plan a new stay at Z'ANDvillas.  


How long is the Holiday Voucher valid for? 

You can use the voucher as a means of payment for a new booking via our website up to one year after the date of issue. The voucher can be redeemed for a stay up to 31 December 2022. 


Can I pay for my online booking with the Holiday Voucher? 

Yes you can. In the online booking process you can redeem 1 voucher in step 1. In the right-hand column, under the overview of your dates of stay, you will see the options for entering a voucher or coupon code. In this field, enter the unique voucher code and click on redeem. The credit on the voucher will then be processed as payment.  


Do I have to spend the entire amount of the leisure voucher at once? 

No, the Holiday Voucher is a digital voucher that you can spend in multiple parts. If the new travel sum is lower than the credit balance on the voucher, the remainder will remain on the voucher. You can use this for your next booking with arrival until 31 December 2022.


Can I use the recreation voucher for a booking I already made? 

You can, if you still have to pay (part of) the existing booking. The Holiday Voucher cannot be redeemed for a booking that has already been paid for.    


I am not going on holiday before 31 December 2021. Can you pay me the (remaining) value of the recreation voucher? 

No, there will be no refund if you don't use/can't use the voucher. 


Can I give the Holiday Voucher to someone else? 

No, the Voucher is not transferable.  


I have lost my Holiday Voucher. Can I get a new one? 

Yes, you can. You can contact our staff for this. They will resend your previously received voucher code to you.  


I have already booked a new holiday with the Holiday Voucher. Now I want to add some more. Can I pay for it with the Holiday Voucher? 

Yes, you can if you still have a remaining amount on the holiday voucher. After you have added the extras, you can use your Holiday Voucher as a means of payment.  


I have already used part of the Holiday Voucher. Can you tell me what balance is still on it? 

Yes, we can. You can contact our staff for this.  


Due to the coronavirus I have rebooked my holiday to a later date or already cancelled it, but I still want a recreation voucher. Is that possible? 

No, unfortunately it is not possible to receive the holiday voucher retroactively.