Management luxury holiday villa zeeland


As the owner of a villa on De Groote Duynen you can make use of our in good hands service. Even if you are not renting out, you can have your property fully managed. We act as a fixed point of contact and are your local representative.


Hotel and household services, service in case of (internet) malfunctions, small maintenance, supervision, control and security of your villa, can all be outsourced to you. Ideally, when on arrival the groceries have been done, the beds have been made and you arrive in a wonderfully heated and illuminated villa.


The house is checked weekly by us including burglary, leakage and damage Even in extreme weather conditions such as storms, heavy rainfall or severe frost, you do not have to worry. The house is then additionally checked by us. If during the check a damage is found, you will be informed immediately. On request, there can be commissioned for maintenance for the CV and other domestic installations, pest control, control of fire extinguishers and smoke detectors, chimney sweeping and maintenance of gutters.


In addition, we can also take care of surveillance and alarm follow-up for you. We work together with an international security company specialized in the security of holiday homes. Even before the delivery of your villa, we can offer you a service agreement. You can, of course, decide for yourself which service you choose.