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Z'AND is an ode to the feeling of freedom and the desire for windblown hair and bare feet in the sand. Our luxury holiday villas are located in a unique spot by the sea in complete harmony with nature. In this raw natural environment, you will find the space to come home and truly unwind. Enjoy the peace and quiet and experience our service & hygiene at 5* level.







The waterfront villas have an unobstructed view of the adjacent pond. Some villas are equipped with a waterfront terrace, a perfect place to relax and enjoy the tranquillity by the water.



Situated in the beautiful dune landscape, the villas offer an unprecedented degree of privacy and tranquillity. The villas higher up in the dune landscape offer breathtaking views over the polder landscape and Veere.



The villas with panoramic views over the vast polder landscape create the feeling of being in the middle of nature. Here you wake up to another impressive natural spectacle every morning.


Z'AND - an ode to

sea & land

"Real, pure and unhurried. The modest luxury enhances this feeling. Here you can be yourself and take a breath. With your feet in the sand, living to the rhythm of the tides."

Luxury villas



The luxurious villas are situated in a dune landscape and often offer panoramic views of the surrounding polders. The villas are suitable for 4, 6 or 8 people and have a cosy fireplace. The wellness villas feature a Finnish or Infrared sauna or an outdoor jacuzzi. Furthermore, some villas are even equipped with an electric charging station, allowing you to charge your electric vehicle.

Slow Travel



Sometimes you find a place, where everything feels right, where you can unwind and be yourself. Braving the scouring wind, swimming in the sea or relaxing through the rhythm of the surf. The dynamics of the sea are never far away here, nor is the silence of the land. The landscape is vast and the light has free reign. Here you will find the space to really unwind, slow down and relax.

Domain De Groote Duynen



The villas are located on De Groote Duynen, a new nature reserve where the dune landscape of De Banjaard slowly merges into the vast nature reserve De Schotsman. Bordered by the North Sea and the Veerse Meer. The connection with nature gives this place a special dimension. Here you experience the ultimate island feeling, here you can unwind.





Z'ANDvillas offers more than just a stay; it is a place where you can escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and immerse yourself in the tranquillity of nature. Walk through the dunes, feel the sand between your toes and listen to the sound of the waves. Escape the daily grind and experience the feeling of freedom at Z'ANDvillas.


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"For us, the Zandvillas are a place of tranquillity. Forgetting the hustle and bustle of everyday life and relaxing 100%. We have been experiencing this feeling here for several years now and always come back full of joy to recharge our batteries."

Franziska Müller


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Living to the
rhythm  of the


"Real, pure and unhurried. The modest luxury enhances this feeling. Here you can be yourself and take a breath. With your feet in the sand, living to the rhythm of the tides."

Leven op het ritme van de getijden

Where can you find us?


Ready to slow down? The luxury villas of De Groote Duynen are located on Noord-Beveland, the smallest island in the province of Zeeland. Far away from the crowds, located between the North Sea, Oosterschelde National Park and the Veerse Meer. Here you will experience the ultimate island feeling.

Just an hour's drive from the Randstad, two hours from the German Ruhr area and 45 minutes from Antwerp, here you will find a special place to unwind, to escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.


Slow down
in nature


A weekend of unwinding in a raw natural environment surrounded by water. Away from the world, yet close to home...


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