The brand new holiday villas at park De Groote Duynen in Zeeland are within walking distance (only 500 meters) from the beach of de Banjaard and the Veerse Meer. The connection with the adjacent nature reserve De Schotsman gives a special dimension to this place. Here you will not find a pretentious hotspot, but a place to completely unwind. Far away from the masses, situated between the North Sea, Oosterschelde National Park and Veerse Meer, you will experience the ultimate island feeling.

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De Groote Duynen, Banjaard, Zeeland

Location of the holiday villa's at De Groote Duynen

The holiday homes are situated in the dune landscape along water features, making them part of nature. The south-facing holiday villas on the Waterlijn (the even numbers) have a beautiful view over the vast polder landscape. 

The exclusive villas facing west can enjoy the beautiful sunsets. The winding roads and paths, with a strong green character, undulate smoothly with the dune relief. In this lower part of the nature reserve, the villas are all oriented towards the water. Waving reedbeds in which views have been saved in numerous places surround the water. Here, you also find a terrain with native dune plants.

Everywhere the privacy aspects have been carefully considered. The undulations and the dune structure create a place of their own for each villa. This beautiful landscape connects to the dunes of the North Sea beach, the Veerse Meer and the extensive nature reserve of De Schotsman. On the south side you have beautiful views over the large open polder area.

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Luxury holiday villa for the whole family

Holiday park De Groote Duynen has over 75 brand new holiday villas that can be rented for various groups. The holiday villas are, with the exception of a few, all equipped with at least 2 bathrooms, making a holiday with a family of 4 people possible. The holiday villas are equipped with a gas fireplace so that you can also rent a holiday villa in the less warm months! De Groote Duynen also offers plenty of possibilities for larger groups. The 6-person holiday villas all have at least 3 bedrooms and the 8-person holiday villas have 4 bedrooms.  

Within the range of holiday villas we have classified a number of villas as child-friendly holiday villas. If you are planning to enjoy a wonderful holiday in Zeeland with your young children, check out our selection of child-friendly holiday villas. These villas are equipped with a high chair and a cot. In some villas it is possible to close off the terrace completely. Your child can play to his heart's content without having to worry about it.  

Your dog is welcome in our holiday villas

Your family isn't complete without your dog. On holiday park De Groote Duynen your dog is welcome in a number of holiday villas. The dog-friendly holiday villas are located a short distance from the Banjaardstrand where you can walk to in 15 minutes or drive by car in less than 10 minutes. You can make lovely evening walks with your dog on the beach where your four-legged friend can let off steam. In addition to the beach, you can also enjoy the nature reserve De Schotsman or take walks along the banks of the Veerse Meer. Would you like to rent a holiday villa at De Groote Duynen? We look forward to welcoming you and your dog!  

Holiday villas with all modern conveniences

All holiday villas at De Groote Duynen are attractively and luxuriously furnished. All luxury holiday villas are equipped with a gas fireplace where you can relax after a relaxing day at the beach or after a lovely long walk. Grab a glass of wine, refreshments and a good book and experience the ultimate relaxation!  

A number of luxurious holiday villas at De Groote Duynen are equipped with a Finnish or infrared sauna and/or outdoor jacuzzi. These wellness villas are suitable for groups of 6 or 8 people. You can relax in the sauna or jacuzzi after a long warm day on the beach or after a long winter walk on the beach in the colder months of the year. You will enjoy the ultimate wellness experience in your private sauna where you can relax with a delicious glass of wine. Approximately half of all luxury holiday villas at De Groote Duynen are equipped with a charging station. Your electric car is recharged near your holiday villa while you enjoy the fireplace or relax in your private sauna or jacuzzi.  

Questions about our luxury holiday villas?

Do you have additional questions about one of the luxury holiday villas at De Groote Duynen? Or perhaps you would like to know more about the facilities at our holiday park? Feel free to contact one of our staff members. This can be done by telephone via +31 (0)113-745723, send an email to or fill in our contact form on the contact page.