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Zeeland is hip, in its own casual way. Zeeland is real. Here we take a step back. Here you can move easily and freely. It seems obvious, but at the same time it is very special. Here you can be yourself, catch your breath.

​Noord-Beveland, the province's smallest island, has always stayed true to itself. The connection with the sea, water and wind has defined our character. The unruly elements form the contours of this unique landscape. The Oosterschelde with its clear water and beaches bordering nature reserves, the calm kilometres of North Sea beaches and the dynamic water sports paradise Veerse Meer.  The surrounding towns and villages have their own character. There is always something to discover here.

Only a good hour's drive from the Randstad, two hours from the German Ruhr area and 45 minutes from Antwerp, this is a special place to unwind and escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Get to know the unique spots on the island of Noord-Beveland.




Domain De Groote Duynen


The villas are located on the domain De Groote Duynen, a new nature reserve in which the dune landscape of De Banjaard slowly merges with the vast nature reserve De Schotsman. The connection with nature gives this place a special dimension. Here you experience the ultimate island feeling, here you come to rest. 

The villas in Duinvallei are situated in a relief-rich dune landscape with spacious plots surrounded by dune bushes. In the lower part of the nature reserve, the villas all face the water. Swaying reed banks with see-through views surround the water. The slopes and the dune thicket create an individual spot for each villa. On the south side, you will enjoy beautiful views over the vast polder landscape.

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Map Domain De Groote Duynen


Slow living on the Zeeland coast

Veerse Meer

Veerse Meer

The Veerse Meer offers over 2030 hectares of unspoilt nature and is one of the most famous areas of Zeeland. The water sports fanatic ends up in a true paradise at the Veerse Meer! The lake is an ideal place for windsurfing and boating.


North Sea beach De Banjaard

The Banjaard beach is one of the widest and cleanest beaches in the Netherlands and is just a few minutes' walk from your villa. The beach is a real family beach, where you can enjoy a beach day with the whole family.

Natuurgebied Zeeland

Inlagen of Noord-Beveland

Noord-Beveland is home to several inlagen. Take a walk through Zeeland's nature and spot many different bird species. Near the inlaag keihoogte, the rare blue sea holly grows on low dunes, formed when tides still had free play.


Nature reserve De Schotsman

The connection with the adjacent nature reserve De Schotsman adds a special dimension to De Groote Duynen. This primeval area was formed by wind and water, in times when the tides still had free play. An amazing landscape of vast grasslands with wild orchids, varied by woods and thickets bordering the Veerse Meer. Every season has its own charm and invites you to explore. But an absolute must is an early morning walk. A veil of mist hangs over the grasslands. Countless species of birds, deer and Scottish Highlanders wake up on the salt marshes and dunes. You feel like you are miles away from anywhere else and witness nature at its most beautiful.

Book a nature walk with the forester or explore this beautiful area on your own and follow the marked trails.

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Oosterschelde National Park

No day is the same in the largest National Park in the Netherlands. Nature reigns supreme in this dynamic area. Extraordinary plants and animals have found a home here. Seals feel perfectly at home in the Oosterschelde. There are at least about 100 of them to be found. At low tide, you may be lucky enough to see them sunbathing on the sandbanks. Beachcombing, walking on the mudflats, kayaking, snorkelling or diving. Discover the surprises around the tide line and the beautiful underwater world. Don't forget the beautiful, small private beaches! Numerous activities are organised on or around the Oosterschelde.

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