Veerse Meer lake the Netherlands

Veerse Meer

  • Luxurious waterside holiday villas
  • Within short distance of the Veerse Meer
  • Endless water sports opportunities

The Veerse Meer: created by the construction of the Zandkreek Dam and the Veerse Gatdam and one of the most famous natural areas of Zeeland. This Natura 2000 area is very popular with nature and water sports enthusiasts with over 2030 hectares of pristine nature. The lake is approximately 22 kilometers in length and is home to many uninhabited islets, including five that are specifically designated for birds. You can discover the other islands on a boat trip on the Veerse Meer. On the island of De Haringvreter, you have the opportunity to come face to face with fallow deer. Near Wolphaartsdijk, on the Middelplaten, you can spot Konik horses. 


In Zeeland you can find water all around you. So it makes sense that it's a popular destination for water sports lovers. The Veerse Meer, the Oosterschelde, and the North Sea are all within reach of your luxurious holiday villa on the Zeeland coast. Relax on the water? We highly recommend going island hopping on the Veerse Meer. Prefer some more action? Go water skiing, surfing, or kite surfing. 

Holiday water sports Veerse Meer

Island hopping on the Veerse Meer

Unwind during a day on the Veerse Meer. Rent a dinghy or sailboat and go explore. The Veerse Meer is an artificial brackish lake which formed after the construction of the Veerse Gatdam. You can find no less than 17 islands, 5 of which are only for the birds. You can visit all other 12 islands by boat. Enjoy the quietness here; the sounds of the birds and a lovely picknick. On some islands you can even spot konik horses or fallow deer. Island hopping is a unique way of experiencing the Veerse Meer.



Rent a canoe at Kanoa and go on a nice trip on the Veerse Meer. You can also join a canoe safari and explore the Veerse Meer with a guide. The Veerse Meer is full of water sports athletes when the weather is nice. Explore the uninhabited islands and enjoy the area. Want to get away from the hustle and bustle and looking for peace and quiet? Go on a canoe trip on the Pietkreek. This is a small side arm of the Veerse Meer that you can only reach by canoe or paddleboard. Enjoy the sounds of nature and unwind.  

Wind surfing

Surf school Veerse Dam is only a walk of a few minutes away from your holiday villa in Zeeland. This surf school is well-known in Zeeland. They offer courses for children, adults, beginners, and advanced surfers. Prefer to try it out once first? You can also book a trial lesson. 

You can also go windfoiling here. Soar over the water with this new type of windsurfing. You need some experience, but it's easy to learn. A great new challenge. 


It's sort of like surfing, but slightly different. Anyone can learn it! Vertigo offers paddleboard classes.  You'll learn all the tips and tricks here, in order to be able to explore the Veerse Meer on the paddleboard by yourself. The Veerse Meer is level and calm, which makes it perfect for beginners. Advanced paddleboarders can take the paddleboard out into the sea to brave the waves there.  


Aqua park

Have the time of your life in the playground on the water at water sports center de Schotsman.  A great course with challenging obstacles, such as a balance beam and pyramid. Water fun guaranteed! 

Kite surfing

Time for some action! Learn kite surfing on the Vrouwenpolder beach, and obtain an internationally recognized VDWS certificate. Vertigo is the only kite surfing school in Zeeland that offers supervised courses.  


Water skiing and wakeboarding

Go water skiing or wakeboarding at water sports center the Schotsman. It features 2 water ski cable parks. Soar over the water at 30 km an hour. A great experience for all ages! 

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