Owners luxury holiday homes in Zeeland



As the owner of a luxury holiday villa on De Groote Duynen, you naturally want to have real time insight into the rental of your villa. We would like to share this information with your owner via 'MIJN Z'AND' environment. Here you will find the calendar with real time availability, descriptions and reviews of your villa. You can also make a booking for your own use here. Do you have any questions about 'MIJN Z'AND'? Feel free to contact one of our employees. 


Availability calendar

The calendars give you a real-time overview of the occupancy of your villa. You can see at a glance when your villa has been reserved. Would you like to use your villa yourself? Then simply make a booking or blocking for your own use. 

View details of your villa

Are the details of your villa still correct? Maybe you have changed something recently and you want to put it on the website. A change request can easily be communicated to us via the MIJN Z'AND owner environment. 


All invoices and owner's statements can be found here. Do you have a question? Then simply ask them using the message tool. Your messages remain stored, so that you can always read them again. 

Promote your villa

With the promotion link you can promote your villa to family and friends. They can book your villa via the promotion link and you will receive a discount on the commission.