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Noord-Beveland is the smallest island in the province of Zeeland. The island is the perfect destination for enthusiasts of walking, cycling and water sports. Discover the authentic villages and enjoy the wide views. Every season has its own charm.  

The water is always close by here. The North Sea with its vast beaches, where you can walk for hours. The Oosterschelde with idyllic beaches where you can spot seals. Or the bustling Veerse Meer with all its water sports possibilities.

Noord-Beveland holiday

Inlagen of Noord-Beveland

Created as protection from the sea, the inlagen of Noord-Beveland are now bird-rich nature reserves with varied landscapes from grassland to reed beds and open water. The inlagen of Noord-Beveland are located on the north coast of the island. 



A beautiful landscape with vast reed beds and islands formed by peat moss. It is very special that Peat Moss is present in Zeeland, because the subsoil is often too salty.


Inlaag Keihoogte comprises about half of open water. Discover the rare blue sea holly on the low dunes here or visit the viewing hut and spot various bird species.

's Gravenhoek

Look out over the three bird islands from the viewpoint on the dike or visit the viewing hut. You can spot various species of birds and ducks among the reeds and on the pond.


The outer dike area consists of salt marshes and mud flats. A bird island has been created in the inner dike area, where more than 100 birds breed every year.


Would you like to discover more about the inlagen of Noord-Beveland? Then book a walking excursion (duration: 2.5 hours) and walk with a guide along the various inlagen and learn more about their origins and the various plant and animal species that live here. Tip: bring your binoculars.



Walking on Noord-Beveland

On Noord-Beveland, you will find many nature reserves worth walking through. Explore nature, spot wildlife and experience the peace and quiet of the island. 


Goudplaat nature reserve

From former sandbank to nature reserve. Nature reserve Goudplaat was created by the construction of the Veerse Gatdam. Follow the blue route and walk along large ponds, through deciduous forest and along the banks of the Veerse Meer. The route runs through grazing land, and who knows, you might come face to face with Galloway cattle or Prezwalski horses. 

De Schotsman nature reserve

No comfortable paths, but still want to discover the most beautiful spots? Then follow the green route. Walk through a varied landscape of vast grasslands with wild orchids, through woods and thickets bordering the Veerse Meer. Countless species of birds, deer and Scottish Highlanders live in this nature reserve.




The uninhabited islands of the Veerse Meer

There are 17 uninhabited islands in the Veerse Meer, 5 of them especially for birds. Go island-hopping on the Veerse Meer and discover the islands. Who knows, you might even spot fallow deer or konik horses.

The Middelplaten

In the middle of the Veerse Meer, opposite Wolphaartsdijk, you will find the Middelplaten. Three sandbanks where birds nest and unusual plant species, such as samphire and marsh blue grass, can be found. The island can only be visited with a guided excursion. However, you can admire this beautiful nature from a distance. Rent a boat or canoe and navigate past the Middelplaten.

The Haringvreter

This island owes its name to the seals, 'herring eaters', who used to stay on this island. Today, this island consists mainly of forest and meadowland and you might spot fallow deer here. Take a walk around the island and enjoy the beautiful nature.


The island 'Aardbeieneiland' used to be a sandbank. When the Veerse Meer was created, it was thought that this island would eventually be washed away by itself. However, this did not happen. This unique piece of nature in the Veerse Meer can still be visited today.

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