Villa dune landscape The Netherlands

Villa in the dune landscape


Villa in the dune landscape

The salty sea air, an oasis of peace and relaxation away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Stay in a villa in the dune landscape, surrounded by natural beauty and equipped with all the luxury and comfort you could wish for.

villa dune landscape
Dog at the beach

Pet-friendly villas in the dune landscape

Your four-legged friend is also very welcome in the villas in the beautiful dune landscape. The villas are equipped with plenty of luxury and comfort and located within walking distance of nature reserve De Schotsman and North Sea beach De Banjaard, where you can take lovely walks together. The perfect destination for a luxury holiday together with your dog, surrounded by nature.

Villa dune landscape with trampoline

Luxury holiday with children

The villas in the dune landscape are ideal for a holiday with the children on the coast of Zeeland. The villas are not directly adjacent to the water and are therefore perfect and safe for a stay with children. Some villas in the dune landscape even have a trampoline, an added bonus! The children can play while you enjoy the peaceful and natural surroundings.

Banjaard beach

Villa within walking distance of the beach

The luxury villas in the dune landscape are within walking distance of the North Sea beach De Banjaard. In the low season, you can enjoy the peace and quiet here during a long beach walk. In summer, you can enjoy a sunny day at the Banjaard beach with the whole family. Book a beach house and enjoy your own part of the beach or visit one of the many beach pavilions.