1. Midweek at the coast and by the sea
  2. Villas for up to 8 persons
  3. High level of hygiene and service

Midweek break in Zeeland

Are you looking forward to a short holiday in the Netherlands? Choose a midweek break in Zeeland. You will have 5 days to walk on the beach, to paddle, to cycle, to visit a museum or amusement park or to relax with our body & mind specials. Of course, you do not choose a luxury villa from Z'ANDvillas just for the purpose of going out. During your midweek break in Zeeland you can also relax in and around your villa. Take a seat on a sun lounger in your garden and enjoy the view! Would you prefer a weekend or week holiday in Zeeland? The possibilities are endless!

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Midweek break by the sea

Do you want to unwind, find inspiration in a different environment or enjoy quality time with your family? A midweek break by the sea will do you and your company good. Choose a midweek break by the sea in the Netherlands and let the enjoyment begin! Zeeland is a wonderful place for a midweek break by the sea. Sunny and wide beaches, lots of space and peacefulness and many special sightseeing attractions will ensure that you enjoy your mid-week break in Zeeland. Your luxuriously furnished beach house in Zeeland will make you feel wonderfully relaxed. Both inside and outside, you will have all the space you need and all the facilities you want.

Your holiday midweek in Zeeland in a villa:

✦ Villas for up to 8 people

✦ Spacious, luxuriously and comfortably furnished

✦ Possibilities for private wellness

✦ 500 metres from the Banjaard beach

✦ Beautifully situated in the dunes


Last minute midweek in Zeeland

When you spontaneously have a few days off or the temperatures are suddenly very pleasant, a last minute midweek to Zeeland is perfect to relax. When you choose a villa from Z'ANDvillas you can have a midweek holiday in Zeeland with your dog. Many of our holiday homes in the dunes are pet friendly. During your last minute midweek break in Zeeland you will have enough time for trips in the surrounding area. Nature, sports or culture lover? There is plenty to do for people of all ages in Zeeland. We certainly recommend tasting some of Zeeland's delicacies at a local restaurant or bakery. Who will you take with you for a midweek break in Zeeland in a holiday home?

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