Park regulations Z'ANDvillas

Resort Regulations Z'AND Villas



All visitors must register at the Z'andvillas office. The maximum number of persons allowed in the villa may not be exceeded. Visitors staying overnight will be registered, and they will be charged municipal taxes. Visitors must comply with the rules set out in these Park Regulations.  

Villa and furniture

All villas have their own personal furnishings. Taking furniture outside that belongs inside the holiday villa is not allowed. (Garden) furniture may not be moved to other villas.

The tenant is responsible for an orderly course of affairs in and around the villa, use of the villa, and the furniture, equipment, and additionally booked items present therein. The tenant must report any damage immediately to Z'andvillas.

Road use

Accessing the villas and facilities of the park other than via the roads, paths, and other facilities destined for this purpose, or in another way than that for which the roads and paths have been designed, is not allowed. Driving cars on cycle paths and/or footpaths, in gardens or on verges is not allowed.

Normal traffic regulations apply in the park, except for the maximum speed permitted. For all vehicles, this is 15 km per hour, unless explicitly indicated otherwise.


You can park your car on the shell path in front of the home, with a maximum of 2 passenger cars per villa. Parking in the garden, on the lawn, on roads, paths, or in other areas is not allowed.

For carrying out management tasks and in view of emergencies and accessibility (for emergency services), paths, access roads, and barriers must at all times be free from cars and other obstacles. 

Tents, caravans, campers, or other camping gear, boats, trailers, or any vehicle other than passenger cars are not allowed in the park.

In the event of a violation of these parking regulations, Z'andvillas reserves the right to remove the vehicle or cause it to be removed.

(Night's)rest and nuisance 

Guests of the park must be refrain from any acts that may cause offence or nuisance to other users of the villas, such at the discretion of Z'andvillas. Disruptive noises, whether caused by humans, animals, technical equipment or otherwise, are not permitted in the common areas.

Night's rest must be observed between 22.00 and 08.00 hours. This means, inter alia, abstaining from radio, television, or any other noise that may cause nuisance to the other residents or users.


In the villas where pets are allowed, the maximum number of pets is two. Pest must be registered in advance. Pets must be kept on a leash outside the villa. The owners and/or keepers of the animals must immediately remove their excrements.


No waste may be left in, around, or on the villa. The tenants must handle their own waste and (sort and) deposit it in the containers placed for this purpose. Depositing bin liners (and loose waste) outside the containers is not allowed for reasons of hygiene and for the prevention of vermin.

Open fire

Open fire is strictly prohibited. Lighting fireworks and throwing away burning cigarettes or matches is prohibited in view of the fire risks, as is the presence of incendiary and/or explosive substances. Use of a barbecue is allowed, but only electricity, gas, and charcoal may be used as fuel. 

Water recreation

The ponds at De Groote Duynen are not meant for swimming, fishing or other forms of water recreation. Any use of the ponds is entirely at one's own risk. Small non-motorised vessels with a maximum width of 1.50 metres and a maximum length of 3.00 metres and a draught suitable for the ponds are permitted. Mooring is only allowed at piers.

In the event of violation of the regulations or non-compliance with the instructions given by our staff, Z'andvillas will have the right to remove you, the tenant, and any other user from the park without delay. without a restitution of the rental or part of the rental.

The general terms and conditions of Z'andvillas also apply to your stay at De Groote Duynen.