Today, the busy life rages past us. Work, children, social contacts; it all demands a lot of us. A short wellness holiday in Zeeland is then a pleasant break. We don't have to do anything for a while, just enjoy it and recharge our batteries. The luxury holiday homes by the sea of Z'ANDvillas have everything you need for a luxury wellness holiday. Enjoy comfort and luxury in your holiday villa and relax in the Thermal Baths and Spa including various saunas, swimming pools and a beautiful wellness garden. You will feel reborn after this holiday in Zeeland!



Need a day of complete relaxation? Bring your body and mind back into balance and visit A-thermen. This wellness resort is situated close to the dunes of the North Sea beach and has numerous saunas, steam- and swimming pools. Here you will experience peace and relaxation in a unique place by the sea. Our guests can enjoy a relaxing day at A-thermen at a reduced rate. You will also receive a 10% discount on your bill in the restaurant. Please contact one of our staff members for more information or plan your wellness visit using the form below. 


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€ 25,00 per person

€47,50 per person

€79,00 per person

25 minutes - € 35,00 per person | 50 minutes - € 65,00 per person