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Relax in your own villa with a yoga (daoyin) session at home? Alone or with family or friends, at a time that suits you.



A relaxing yoga session in your own villa or on the beach? Alone or with family or friends, at a time that suits you. The simple exercises are designed to allow the energy to flow into the body and to remove blockages. Nothing is more wonderful than relaxing by the fireplace after the session and then sleeping well. Or start the day relaxed and relaxed in the morning. You can choose (Dru)Yoga, (Yin)Yoga or a combination of both. Do you prefer a yoga session with your partner? Then try Yoga for two, where you search together for the right balance. Experience with yoga is not necessary.

Do you prefer a more powerful workout? Then a Pilates session might be a good idea for you. Pilates focuses on posture, stability, coordination, breathing and focus on body and mind. All muscle groups are strengthened and stretched at the same time to get a balanced and supple body.



Time & date: in consultation

Location: in your villa or on the beach

Duration session: 60 minutes

Price: € 55.00 (up to 5 participants) | € 66.00 (up to 7 participants) | € 77.00 (8 of more participants)


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