Location Z'ANDvillas the Netherlands



Domain De Groote Duynen

The holiday villas at Domain De Groote Duynen in Zeeland are within walking distance (just 500 metres) of the Banjaard beach and the Veerse Meer. The connection with the adjacent nature reserve De Schotsman adds a special dimension to this place. This is not a pretentious hotspot, but a place to completely unwind. Far away from the crowd, located between the North Sea, National Park Oosterschelde and the Veerse Meer, here you will experience the ultimate island feeling.

Banjaard beach Zeeland

Location of the villas

The holiday villas are situated in the dune landscape and by ponds, making them part of nature. The south-facing villas on the Waterlijn (the even numbers) have panoramic views over the vast polder landscape. 

The exclusive west-facing villas can enjoy beautiful sunsets. The winding roads and paths with a green background blend harmoniously into the dune relief. In this lower part of the nature reserve, the villas are all situated by the water. Curved reed banks border the water, into which see-through views have been created in numerous places. The terrain here is also rich in reliefs with native dune plants.

Great care has been taken to ensure privacy everywhere. The slopes and dune thickets create a private space for each villa. This beautiful landscape combines with the dunes of the North Sea beach, the Veerse Meer lake and the vast De Schotsman nature reserve. On the south side, you have a beautiful view over the vast polder area.