Z'ANDvillas holidays and public holidays

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Last-minute holiday

Last-minute holiday on the coast of Zeeland? Book a stay at Z'ANDvillas with a last-minute discount. The luxury villas are located within walking distance of De Schotsman nature reserve and the Banjaard beach. A unique location where you can unwind.

Dunes beach Zeeland

Celebrate the public holidays at Z'ANDvillas

Spend the holidays in Z'ANDvillas' luxury design villas. The villas are suitable for up to 8 persons, which makes them ideal for a stay during the holidays with the whole family. Enjoy a sumptuous Christmas dinner in your villa; toast to the New Year or enjoy a beach walk along the Zeeland coast during a weekend break during Ascension.

Holidays the Netherlands



The extra-long Easter weekend is the perfect time to enjoy spring. The flowers are in bloom again, the birds are singing and nature invites you to go outside. Take a long walk or relax in the spacious garden of your villa. Book a weekend away for Easter in a luxury holiday villa in Zeeland at Z'ANDvillas, within walking distance of the beach.

Z'ANDvillas holiday Zeeland



The extra long weekend off during Ascension is perfect for a weekend away or short holiday with family and/or friends. Take a break, enjoy the peace and quiet and spend time together. Book a 4-, 6- or 8-person holiday villa with enough space for everyone. The villas are within walking distance of the Banjaard beach.

Pentecost by the sea Zeeland



The Pentecost weekend is ideal for a short holiday by the sea. Completely unwind on the coast of Zeeland, as a couple or with the family, in a spacious villa by Z'ANDvillas. Enjoy the luxury, the beautiful nature and each other. With a bit of luck, you can even enjoy a day at the Banjaard beach.

Winter Christmas holidays Zeeland



Christmas is the cosiest time of the year! Enjoying a sumptuous dinner, playing games by the fireplace, taking long (beach) walks or just relaxing with a good book. But it is also the time of being together, with your dearest family and friends. Experience an unforgettable Christmas by the sea at Z'ANDvillas.


Luxury holiday in Zeeland

At a unique location in the middle of nature and within walking distance of the beach, you will find Domein De Groote Duynen. Here you can enjoy a relaxing holiday on the coast of Zeeland. Experience peace and quiet during a beach walk in the spring holiday or experience a vibrant beach day in the summer holidays. Book a holiday on the coast of Zeeland and experience the luxury villas and 5-star service of Z'ANDvillas.

Spring holidays Zeeland

Spring holidays


There is nothing like the fresh air of spring! Getting a breath of fresh air on the coast of Zeeland is perfect for your first holiday of the year. That is why Z'ANDvillas is the destination for your spring holiday in Zeeland. Our luxury holiday villas are located just 500 metres from the Banjaard beach.

Veerse Meer and North Sea beach

Summer holidays


Book a summer holiday in Zeeland and experience a sunny holiday in the Netherlands. During a summer holiday on the coast of Zeeland, you will enjoy wide beaches, beautiful nature, delicious food and an always shining sun. Stay in a luxury holiday villa within walking distance of the beach.

Autumn holidays

Autumn holidays


The autumn holidays are the perfect time to take a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The luxury villas of Z'ANDvillas offer all the elements for a relaxing autumn holiday in Zeeland. After a lovely walk on the beach, you can relax in your luxury villa with jacuzzi, sauna or fireplace.

Christmas holidays family Zeeland

Christmas holidays


Stay in a luxury villa during the Christmas holidays and experience the holiday season in a relaxing way. Warm up by the fireplace after a long beach walk or unwind in your own sauna. Or choose a holiday villa with a jacuzzi in the garden, where you can relax on a cold winter's day.